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How to Write Effective Paragraphs

Page history last edited by Mr. Banks Bluevale English 8 years, 12 months ago

Writing Effective Paragraphs


Writing effective paragraphs is easy once you know what to do. Use the “Point-Proof-Explanation-Summary” method to paragraph writing and watch how quickly your writing improves! 


An effective paragraph includes:


  • a topic sentence that expresses the main point of the paragraph.
  • a piece of proof, evidence, details, or examples to support your topic sentence. 
  • an explanation where you explain how the proof reinforces the point you are trying to make
  • another piece of  proof, evidence, details, or examples to support your original topic sentence. 
  • another explanation where you explain how the second proof reinforces the original point you are trying to make
  • A summary sentence that sums up the main point found in the topic sentence.


A well written paragraph consists of 5 to 7 sentences and contains three parts: a topic sentence, a body, and a closing sentence. 






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